My Shitty Nuts

Hello, welcome, and make yourself at home.

What is Meshuganutz? It is that moment when something happens in front of or to you that makes you pause.  Often times, one will stop and look around like, “Did anyone else see this?”   Usually this happens in Public, namely the DMV.  My goal is for this site to be a receptacle for all things funny and humorous about these moments.  I truly believe there is something therapeutic about venting and bitching and there is nothing more human than a good laugh.  It is the great equalizer.  So, here it goes!

Meshuga is a Yiddish word that means Crazy.  Yiddish is a language that was created from German and Hebrew.  Sometimes, a Yiddish word can be a perfect descriptor.  If you have ever called anyone a “schmuck,” you know what I mean.  Meshuganutz is a term I coined to describe something that is actively driving me crazy – usually my 2 years old.  I have titled my first post, “My Shitty nuts,” because when I told my father I was starting a blog called “Meshuganutz” he mistakenly thought I said “My Shitty nuts.”  I looked at him and sardonically said, “yes, I’m starting a website called ‘My shitty nuts’.”  To which my mother responded, “Oh no, that sounds like a porn site.”  These are the people I come from.  We are loud, Jewish, and funny (at least we think so).  So, I am honoring my background and have decided to start

I want to say thank you for visiting.  I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing…seriously.  Half the time I feel nauseous and excited at the same time, but I guess anything worth doing should make you feel something.  Hopefully that is the farthest I go into fortune cookie-ese.  Something that drives me Meshuganutz to the Nth degree is the endless stream of inspirational quotes on Facebook.  Unless Walt Whittman himself is resurrected and starts a Facebook account,   I don’t want to read his words on a screen.  I have a library card, I can go take out the book if I want.

I encourage you to share the moments in your life that make you Meshuganutz.  I have enabled Comments on this site, but honestly it worries me.  Too many times comment sections just devolve into people insulting each other.  Save it for the mommy blogs.  Here we support in our bitchiness!

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